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The question asked all the time is “What do you charge?”  The response is: it depends on the type of property, its value and a variety of other factors.  Usually my rates are much better when compared to other agents or firms.  That being said my rates are not the most expensive in town and they are not the lowest.  What is looked at is your bottom line and adjustments are made to so that you are satisfied with getting more proceeds at time of completion.

The Right Fit

When considering other agents or companies, there are several choices for you.  Who do you choose to sell your home? Which firm is the best?  Should I pick the high end fees or a flat rate do it myself model?  Depending on your motivation (and type of property) that can make the decision more difficult.  Since each agent you speak to will have variations of advice, they are only generally focused on getting you to sign up and lock you in… then you find out if that was a great decision or a bad choice!  If you call me first, our conversation can help guide you in the right direction and there is no obligation.   If what you need does not match with what our services can provide then I can direct you to another agent even if they are with a competing brokerage.

Rates & Services

What about rates and services?  Every local or national brokerage and every agent will have variations on this.  Some will charge high complete with a full menu and others will charge low and have very limited options.  The majority of real estate firms/agents in the Okanagan will operate somewhere in between.

Save with Lower Fees

My rates can be flexible for the sale of a Single family home, but that depends on several factors.  The easier it is (clear title, single owner, no encumbrances, location, etc.) can play a positive role in reducing rates.  An adjustment on some services may be applicable but most of those are dependent on personal needs, however all essential items required for the sale are not affected.

Please ask me about my competitive fees and see how much you could save. The average selling price in the area is quite high and you should not have to pay extra because of that. I can offer some flexibility and the more straight forward it is, the rate can be less, but note that the cooperating value should be within an acceptable market range.  Please call for details, most adjustments are reserved for certain property types.

Same Tools and Exposure

Your home is placed on the market using the same tools that the any agents use, but you don’t have to extra pay for all that fluff.  My professional membership allows me to utilize the national MLS, ( and listings are also distributed by 3rd party distribution. Our internal matrix system is now amalgamated with the South Okanagan Region.  The transaction is conducted in accordance with national, provincial and regional procedures.  We practice to high regulatory standards and this results in a efficient home sale.

High Success Rate

I can help you choose which rate and service method is best to achieve that “SOLD” status and show you the behind the scenes process of why some homes sell and other do not.  The style that I use works and up to 98% of our Listings sell without complications.  It’s completely up to you to decide if our Listing services is the best for your property. Please see our testimonials.

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