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Unlike lawyers, you still can get guidance from a licenced agent for with no upfront fee.  Agents are later compensated only if you have entered into and signed a contractual agreement, and usually there must be a successful transaction for any remuneration to be applicable.  This risk and interim expenses are absorbed by the realtor which is why fees can be quite alarming.   Some agents fees are high and others are low.  Find out by contacting me (even with a competitor) and i can inform you on what services would be included or limitations that could be in affect.  Knowing this can greatly impact how fast or if your home will sell.

My Rates

When you talk with me you can obtain certain information without any acknowledgment or obligation (no cost).  Plus, as long as there is no other agent involved, you get a professional opinion on what options are available to you.  My rates are most often lower for the same degree of services on similar products and with the high values out there, this can help save you money* on market rate fees.  Some of my clients elect certain options to provide larger proceeds by eliminating or absorbing services that reduce fees.


Ask me to find out more about my flexible services or rates, please submit the form below, call or email me.  Be sure to include a specific question.  Please provide a phone number as this helps show that your a real person.  All information is kept confidential.  Thank you.

*actual amounts can vary

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