Selling Your House

Before you decide to put your home on the market, consider my assistance with the following property types:

  • Single Family Dwellings (SFD) typical Residential Homes on property
  • Modulars (MFH) often referred to as Manufactured Homes or Trailers
  • Stratas which can be known as Condos, Townhomes or Gated complexes
  • Adult or age restricted properties such as 55+ units or buildings
  • Leased Land and Structures on rental pads in the area (registered or not)

Did you know:

That Listing a home may take longer than expected?  In the old days it was true that you could call a Realtor and sign a sheet of paper and voila, it was done!  Now, aside from the considerable amount of regulatory paperwork, there may be some cases where you may have to wait several weeks??  This could be from a result of waiting for permission (leasehold intrests) or receipt of documentation (stratas).   Save time and the headache by contacting me and find out can be done ahead of your planned sale.


Due to current events, most is done over the phone.  Documents and such are delivered to you either on your computer or smart device for you to review.  Forms can even be easily be signed digitally.  This is great since you are not tethered by distance and is very convenient.  In person meetings are still possible and usually is the preferred method with most seniors.


Looking to Sell Your House?

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