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The home buying process should be pleasant and rewarding for you.  However, as an licenced agent, I must follow the regulations which may make things a bit more formal.

What to know

When looking at a home for the first time, please bring your drivers licence or another form of ID, and an intake sheet will be filled out.  You will receive a disclosure of services sheet and you may choose the type of representation you desire.

As things progress, expect other supporting documents to be completed.   Usually these are only done once and can be used for additional showings and or for services in the future.

With the above out of the way, we can get started.

Note that general inquiries will be able to view at least one property, anything beyond that will require some form of representation either from me or another agent if desired.

Since 2018, the listing agent may not represent a buyer for the same property, so please expect the cooperation of another appointed professional if deemed necessary.

Active Buyers

I regularly recommend properties for viewing that match your price range and area.  This is an email list that is sent every 2 or 4 weeks depending on your needs.

Viewing a Property

Here are a few items to consider when viewing homes to help make the process easier & productive:

  • Focus on which geographical areas in the Okanagan you (Westbank to Vernon)
  • Select a maximum price range and what type of property (SFD, Strata or MFH)
  • Does it need a minimum # of bedrooms, must have a garage or be a certain age?
  • What about if you desire family friendly or an age restricted community.
  • Which local zones or neighbourhoods you desire or wish to exclude.
  • What is your actual timeline, can you hold 2 properties or require financing.
  • Is there anything such as pets, RVs or other items that may affect your choices
  • Showings are grouped by areas and can be limited to a 4 showings per day
  • Properties with tenants require more notice than owner occupied homes.
  • Financial pre approval may have to be used to support submitted offers.

Viewing properties should be fun and there can be a narrow or wide variety of inventory to choose which home that is best for you.

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