Sell your Modular, Strata or House

Thinking of Selling or Buying a residential home in the Okanagan?  Call me first before you talk with any other Realtor to find out critical information that may affect you.  This simple conversation with me (a licenced home sales advisor) could save you thousands of dollars and or time.

Depending on what type of property it is such as a House, Strata (condo) unit or Modular… there could be certain items that are necessary (or procedures you should be aware of) in order to have an effective sale or purchase.  If you have not made any current commitment to a real estate professional, please contact me.

Based on your needs or questions, I can advise* on your situation or even recommend another qualified realtor to help you.  I have a very high success rate due to my experience with over 13 years of transactions and I’m also known as the area specialist for Manufactured Homes including leased land.

The majority of my clients are women, seniors and power of attorneys.  In each category, they trust and recommend my services.   Everyone gets reliable and down to earth guidance to their decisions, plus they enjoy a stress free experience.  All calls are confidential and there is a level of comfort as you will not feel rushed into doing anything.

Save time, money and get results!  For more details, please see the applicable sections of the website.

If you’re thinking of selling click here to learn more about this segment.

If you’re considering buying click here to discover more about the process.

My service area is from Westbank to Vernon including nearby surrounding areas.  If you want some information or have a question before you sell or buy a property, simply call or  contact me. There’s no obligation and the conversation will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Thank you.

*information that is considered elevated that is not considered public knowledge may require an acknowledgment and or additional disclosures as per provincial regulations.

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