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1) PLUS GST on all fees. 2) Disclosure of Trading Services to be signed. 3) Identification must be provided & privacy notice signed. 4) Exclusive Buyers Agent agreement to be agreed upon unless retainer fees ($349/99) are paid or you choose a preview.  5) Fees must be paid to the brokerage prior for any services to start.  6) Unless otherwise stated, each viewing is billed at $25 per home, plus fuel surcharge if applicable. 7) Offers are $250 per address and are not guaranteed to be accepted. 8) One initial fee of $349 plus gst may be refunded after completion and if commissions are adequate, and does not apply to any additional subsequent fees. 9) Just Looking fees ($99) are not eligible for refunds and are not returnable regardless of number of properties shown. 10) services may be restricted if you are currently under representation with any other firm or agent. 11) Listing Preview is limited to one home 12) additional terms may apply & we have the right to refuse service 13) cooperating commissions may determine access.

Listing Preview

Take a look at the home that you are interested in.  No obligation but ID & documentation is now required prior to viewing & must be scheduled in advance.  Please contact.

Dedicated Buyer 

If you are willing to sign an Exclusive Buyers Agency Agreement and you know that you are committed to a purchase soon.  View select homes that meet your price and area criteria.  You have your pre-approval value in hand and a minimum of $5000 set aside for deposits.  This is great for anyone looking to acquire any average manufactured unit, a standard residential home or condo strata.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

New Buyer Clients

General Buyer $349 Refundable* upon Completion

No Commitment, no problem.  You should have at least $1000 for a deposit and perhaps get started on the pre-approval process if necessary.  For an initial fee of $349 plus gst, this will allow you to view up to four properties within the area and includes a written offer when applicable.  Please inquire as this option may exclude some properties.

Just Looking & Undecided $99*  

You can be unrepresented.  No professional advice is available and agent is prohibited from drafting offers. I simply open doors for you and attend the showing.  See up to four homes without any commitment.  Notice, documentation and ID is required.  If you love a property you may choose to upgrade your representation if you are not obligated under any prior or current arrangement with any other agent.   May not be available in all areas, viewings are by appointment and when scheduling permits.

Premium Buyer 

Fifty five plus? Retired or Experienced? You have adequate funds to purchase and have minimum $10,000 for deposits.  Please call for priority placement as I usually can assist only one of these buyers at one time and until we successfully secure a home.  Standard documentation applies.

What to Expect

Due to the new changes, the process to simply look or even purchase real estate through a Realtor or licenced professional may be somewhat unattractive to you.  The government and BCREA has changed our style and you may see us protecting you similar to how lawyers represents clients.  If you wish to act on the market and become a buyer, its best to call and see if we are a good fit.  I would be happy to answer any questions regarding any of my services as listed below:

Buyer Client Choices:


You must read and understand a 4 page representation document, or expect us to explain it to you.  This step must be completed prior to any professional discussing anything pertaining to real estate beyond public details.  You must also provide proof your identification which will be recorded on file.  Then there will be a variety of other documents depending on the nature of the potential purchase.  Logistically this can slow things down and can be inconvenient at times.

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Effective 2019

Since the province has implemented new changes in how we must conduct trading services (ie buying real estate) has essentially altered how you are to be represented.  What you may notice is that the traditonal style of purchasing a home could be somewhat different than what we all were used to in the past.

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