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I was a renter and when I went into the banks they all made me feel like getting into my own affordable place was next to impossible.  K.N. referred me to ALLAN and said that he could help me.  I was placed into contact with his mortgage specialist that has over 30 years experience with manufactured homes and before you knew it I had a pre approval.  Allan showed me a bunch of homes that I thought would be possibilities and it came down to the blue or white one... well I guess you can tell which one I got the keys for,,, best of all I am now a proud home owner and its less than renting!

Absolutely incredible, we followed the recommendations from Allan and wow we are so happy.  He was referred to us and one day we met with him.  Allan is very relaxed and even though we wanted to sell, he informed us of a necessary requirement prior to placing our home on the market... and we saved thousands. Additionally, that one step allowed everything to align for a flawless full price transaction!  Looking back we are very fortunate we conducted services from him.  By comparison Allan was fantastic, what other realtors side stepped, he made sure that everything went smooth.  Always informed and comfortable, now we were on the search for a new home.  That process, the financing, the entire gamut just went so smooth due to the valuable advice and experience we received.  Now we stand in front of our bigger new home, which is just wonderful place to raise our family.  Thank you so much!  M&M 

KL & KH 
We were executors of an estate and we became responsible for the conversion of assets.  We were recommended to use Allan in the sale of our parents home.  He was great and indicated what was required to place it on the market.  He was straight forward and we felt comfortable right away.  He is professional and a pleasure to deal with.  Because we followed all the necessary steps and by using his advice, the home sold very quickly and for a respectable amount.  The background legal process had its moments but the sale part with Allan went smoothly and we are thankful for that.  Also he is fun to be around and has a way of making us both smile.

We are so happy we called ALLAN as we wanted to get our place sold so we could move to our new place.  We originally had our home listed with another agency that was located out of town (they made a lot of promises but we didn't get any results go figure). Luckily we were able to be transferred to ALLAN JAY of SAGE, and he was the best qualified to sell our type of home, plus he was very easy to get along with, fun and professional.  Allan took the time to hang out with us and answer all our questions, gave us advice and streamlined the process without any BS.  We should have made the call to him in the first place... and our home has sold and now we are out of here!
Thank you  - SB, JH & the family.

My trust level with Allan was immediate and I let him not only find me a fantastic downsized home, I also allowed him to sell my house of over 20 years.  I could tell that he would not BS me and gave me absolute honest caring advice.  He determined how much I could get, after all the numbers I comfortably knew what i could accept and what i was left with to obtain both a home plus a retirement buffer.  He was courteous both to my brother and my pets.  I enjoyed all the moments i talked with him during the hectic process of both selling and buying at the same time, Allan was super calm and preferred him over the other agents who were more concerned about their own interest rather than me. THANK YOU ALLAN FOR YOUR SMILE & BEING THE BEST - S.N. Very happy to see you each time and I now I hold a SOLD sign! - L

A view was important to us and after being in the lower mainland looking at trees we needed to see and dry out.  Our area was somewhere from Kelowna to Armstrong so where to choose?  Jay being a local could tell us all the first hand knowledge about certain areas which was critical to our decision.  What made it easy was the exclusive online property service that was tailored to our needs and from the comfort of our previous home we could discover and explore other properties without making a trip.  We found the perfect home and we are happy with the direct and honest advice.  Our dog likes it too!


Over the last 40 years I have dealt with a lot of realtors, but by a FULL MILE, I am more satisfied with Allan.  Why? He is upfront with everything, nice to deal with, nothing to hide, straight forward and by far the best in my opinion.  We had tried others in the past, and we really should have chose him in the first place, most importantly our house SOLD and for what we wanted, his simple yet effective tools impressed us and were always informed.  We are so happy and we will deal with him any day of the week and wouldn't even think of anyone else.  We highly make this recommendation to use Allan.  - C&B 

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L&A H 

We always wanted to move to Kelowna to be close to family.  Being active for our age, it was becoming too much of a drive from Alberta.  Allan helped us find a home and I was impressed that we could be aware of the market even though we don't even have a computer.  I am so grateful that we were able to find our home, it was absolutely perfect and we are so happy here.  Thank you!

ALLAN * jay


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