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Don't worry, I'm not going to send you email every single day.  The few that are on our exclusive list are satisfied with receiving a useful email once every 2 to 3 weeks.  You are under no commitment and if you simply find no value in our service, we can stop at anytime.  

For you interest, in order for us to assist you the information on the form needs to be completed.  An actual person coordinates the information that you are requesting so please ensure that you provide a name and phone number. We only send to people that we can get a hold and to ensure privacy rights.  If you prefer, you may call me at 250-859-7264 and I can write down your information which is a great way to say hello!

Please note that this service is not a method of sending you junk.  We have very few people on this list and to ensure quality we may have to contact you to allow access into our system.  You will be able to look at photos and information about the homes that fit your price and desired region.    

welcome & thank you

Our Local office is Lake Country, Head office is in Kelowna.  SAGE also has offices in West Kelowna, Downtown Kelowna and Vernon.

just every so often

Please understand that it would not be respectful if you are receiving this information while perhaps being engaged with another representative at the same time for the same purpose.  For example, using several realtors to find a property is not good for anyone, however if you are selling your home and need another realtor in a different location then that is ok.  It may sound confusing, but if you are unsure, please ask and in most cases it will be fine.