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Potential Savings on Fees

Since the government has implemented changes to how we can represent clients, this has modified our service to primarily assist vendors who wish to list their homes.  With focus on sales, many items have been streamlined and that has resulted in better incentives on potential savings on listing fees.


Thinking of Selling?

The question asked all the time is "What do you charge?"  The response is: it depends on the type of property, its value and a variety of other factors.  Usually my rates are much better when compared to other agents or firms.  That being said my rates are not the most expensive in town and they are not the lowest.  What is looked at is your bottom line and adjustments are made to so that you are satisfied with getting more funds at completion from potential savings.

The Attraction of Reduced Rates

Because home values have increased to such a high level in recent years, the standard market rate has not really changed since the 70's when the average home was less than $50K and now as a result, fees to sell your home have increased to proportions that make an ordinary person really question if they should consider to sell, which firm is adequate plus which agent is suitable and what it will cost.  

Seller Can Save

What Works & What Doesn't

Yes there are several choices for you out there to sell your home.  Who do you choose? Which firm do you choose?  Should I pick the high end or a flat rate do it myself model?  Depending on your motivation that can make the decision more difficult since each agent you speak to will have variations on rates and or services.  I can help you choose which method will result in an actual sale and show you the behind the scenes process of why some homes sell and other do not.  You will see the method that i use and its completely up to you to use my services.

Is this for you?

If you are interested in discovering if your home qualifies for reduced listing fees and perhaps the ability to determine the value of how much you may potentially save, please contact me and we can discuss in further detail.  

Same Tools & Exposure

Yes, your home is placed on the market using the same tools that the high end agents use, but you don't have to extra pay for all that fluff.  My method is professional and utilizes the MLS, internal matrix system which is the largest marketing platform for home sales in the country and region.

What is Different?

You get the same licenced professional representation, service, expertise and feedback that result in a SOLD sticker being applied to your home.  Non essential items that really have nothing to do with the transaction are removed which allows me to be more flexible on rates.

Many Options

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