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Save on realtor fees

If you found this page Allan Jay can give you a discount on Realtor commission rates, so you can save on realtor fees and I can have the some of the lowest fees in Lake Country and Kelowna plus can match or exceed the North Okanagan!

any catch?

TIRED OF SMOKE? mention the words  "BLUE SKY" when you list your home (prior to signing) for sale & you can at least $500 off fees when you list your home with ALLAN JAY.  Please call me!

If our program is deemed acceptable the Fees to sell your home will be less than Customary regional fees 7&3.5%.  The full amount of any discounts will be determined on many factors as location of property, price, or complexity, including type.  As there are various scenarios these are determined on a per property basis,  but the easier can result greater discounts, however this may not be available for all types of properties, such as stratas or MFH.  All cases are unique and options are available if applicable conditions are agreed upon . 

Nothing fancy, only good old fashioned service and quality you should expect, see what some of our past clients have to say:


We offer the full mls traditional services, however some services are removed (these rarely have any impact on the sale of your home) and these savings are passed on to you.  I can tell you what these are as we have a high success rate and nothing to hide.

happy savers