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For Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home will be secure and your cat isn't going to escape is just one component that you can relax about. 

Many that have vacant properties know that i will inform them if something seems out of place.  Handy for out of town owners.

I work with many that have an elderly parent who needs to sell, they want someone who can go and meet with them in person and know that they will not be taken advantage of either in their home or on paper.

Your parents are treated with respect, just like family ensuring that their best interest is always put first.  You are kept up to  date, everything is transparent and there is no pressure to make decisions.  The sale process takes longer but is less stressful with satisfying results! 

Approachable and Real

When your trying to change an asset into funds you need to depend on many outside factors. 

The legal stuff required to sell a home these days is can be a bit heavy as this industry is now more regulated which includes all others involved such as: buyers, lenders, notaries, inspectors, other agents and contractors. 

I run a fairly basic service in what should be a simple task yet new provincial policies have made that somewhat more complicated.  If you have a concern or a need during the process, we are receptive and can convey that information to ensure that the sale moves forward. 

In most cases things can be done with ease and without frustration.  Right from the get go you know what to expect.

Do it right, do it Well

I don't have to put my name on billboards or anything to grab attention.  Almost every client that have used my services have been encouraged to do so from someone else who recommended me. 

It's likely that they had a great experience and of course the information on this page perhaps played a role. 

Anyone who holds a licence to sell a home must meet certain education standards (9 credits of courses each year) with many areas of specialty.  So that being said, there are only certain types of property (and clients) that are great fits. 

It's not just knowing the paperwork, you have to be upfront in the way details are shared.  People feel comfortable and that results in a successful transaction.