For Example 

Scenario #1

Your listing, you have an general inquiry to view the but you don't really want to be involved in showing your own listing.  It's evident that these potential clients are valuable so you don't necessarily wish to lose them or give them away.  So it is arranged that they look at property with me. This exchange in value is $25. Clients revert back to you as they didn't like the home.

Scenario #2

You have buyers who have a signed EBA and they have looked at several homes with you.  However it becomes apparent that they love your property and want to make an offer.  So you transfer them to me to complete the paperwork but the offer is rejected, or is accepted but ultimately does not complete.  $250 is a base rate value and clients revert back to you.

Scenario #3

Same as 2 above but in this case the offer is accepted and completes.  The cooperating commission applies and coverage values do not apply.  Depending on the nature or the involvement of the transaction you could receive 10 to 25% referral back.

Scenario #4

Clients decide not to go back to your services and acted on another home, you should expect a 10 to 25% referral.

Applies to same brokerage agents or agents from other firms.  Since every situation is unique there may be some variation of how we can make a mutually beneficial arrangement.  These fees are guidelines and are intended to put values on specific tasks and could be adjusted per individual scope of requirements.  This guide is intended for tracking cooperation between multiple agents.  When deemed necessary any fees made up from a reasonable accumulation of values are to be payable to the brokerage when invoiced or can be dispersed through the transaction record sheet.  Prior agreement of agents to cooperate and to what extent is to be documented before any services are provided.  Notice is required and fees are based on non urgent matters.

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Stay Connected

Show your client listing or other properties in local area                                              25 each

In person local document handling for signatures / initials                                              25

Forward or draft electronic documents for signatures / initials (per group)                10 / varies

Finalize pre-written supplied offer                                                                                    50

Write new offer & supporting documents for electronic submission                                250

Measure Home and provide basic dimensions (rooms/ FFA)                                         100
Deliver keys / walk through (Possession)                                                                         75
Attend open house (2 hrs/ 3 signs)                                                                                 150
Other Services as requested                                                                                  varies / per task

Add Fuel surcharge on services for outside areas                                                         0.35 c/km

Subject to availability, expect rates to be higher on holidays or with inadequate notice

When it gets Complex

The new rules with representing clients in a variety of scenarios have certainly created a logistical challenge for both Realtors and the public.  Now there is opportunity to fairly handle transactions and here are some basic guidelines:

Need Assistance?


I may be able to help

Doesn't matter if you are with another agency, sometimes you might be out of town and all your associates are busy or they are somewhere else.  Mix up with the calendar? cant be in two places at once, we all have been there!  Especially with the changes of how we can handle clients it may not be worth the paperwork when someone else can cover the task.  These fees are intended to cover "one time" situations in which a referral may not apply.  I am open to adjustment to suit whatever you might need and of course depends on scheduling and notice.  

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