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Even in the case of husband and wife, it is more common for me to deal with the female part of the equation.  Even if the other half is on title, he places 1st for the decisions. But overall , most of my past and current clients are in fact women.  I have worked with one that are are single, separated, married, young, older, widowed, moms or anywhere in between.  When they were asked why they decided to choose my services, it was expressed that I ultimately made them feel comfortable, at ease and felt that sense of trust simply from their personal observations.  

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When the family is all grown up, downsizing becomes more common.  Should we hold on to that big house with the three car garage? is questions I have heard and as many enjoyed the move into a smaller home, they still need to get rid of more stuff!  They are enjoying lower maintenance and some have enough cash left over to travel.  These clients are relaxed and there is no need to rush into anything.  I can offer my perspective on when and how to get your home ready and what to expect from the new laws in effect.  The 55+ lifestyle is fantastic!


Similar in how my parents will ask me to help them with anything, this is part of the same reason why I love helping seniors. I can usually show up in person and visit as we can do the paperwork, although it is impressive when an 80 year old can operate a tablet better than i can.  Professional and I will always ensure that they are getting proper financial facts prior to signing without any pressure.  Its common to duplicate the process to younger family members from afar to keep them informed that their family is in safe hands, including POAs and estates. 

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If you happen to be in a different category above, don't worry as the services available are still the same for you.  It just happens that the majority of my the clientele are the above types who have used my services.  Please note that we primarily focus on Vendors who wish to SELL their homes and we can also periodically help buyers purchase similar types of residential property.  Don't hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to which options are available to you.