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New Government Rules

Is This you?

Maybe you are a first time buyer or someone who wishes to acquire a 2nd property.  Our services are the same however we now have to be more selective on how we could represent you.  Because of new Provincial regulations, this can make it more challenging for a Buyer.  For example you might call me just to inquire about a house that I have listed to sell...I am able to discuss with you all the material facts known, but note that I'm no longer permitted to write up the paperwork if you wanted to buy it.  Sound confusing? it is!  See below for more information.

Applicable to all

Long story short agents are not allowed to "Double End" properties anymore.  But that's not all, we are now required to show you (or describe it on phone) a DTRS sheet prior to discussing anything that relates to trading services in more detail.  Even if you refuse to sign we still must submit the record to our brokerage as per council requirements.  I refer to it as the "Prenup on the 1st date".  It can get very interesting for a buyer as you make a sign call (or from the website) as that agent is no longer permitted to represent you as the purchaser (on their own inventory).  Ultimately you will be transferred to another agent, and possibly to another depending on the nature of which properties you are interested in.  


General Buyers

Due to the regulation changes in our industry, you have have to decide on how you wish to represented prior to any agent providing trading services.  What does that mean?  Simply we need proof of documented consent by you, without that, it is unlikely that you can get any advice from any agent or to even view a property.  Expect that the traditional process of buying may no longer be as fluid as it used to be.

Many Options

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Please contact me to gather more information about the property.  If you wish to book a viewing please call me at 250-859-7264.

Your Options with AJ

General Buyers

55+ or Retirees

Whether you already have or are about to enjoy this area, most of you would like to discover the Okanagan,  Usually the most common difficult choice is "where" in the valley to call home.  In most cases you are able to make the most of your relaxed time to evaluate the variety of choices out there and transactions are in your favour when funds are on hand.  I can offer my perspective on what parts of your selected areas are my favorites and with the local knowledge from me growing up in the valley can give you the inside edge. Once you become familiar with an area, the rest is straight forward and simple.  Or perhaps you are just looking to downsize or just simplify your lifestyle. 

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Preferred Buyers

55+ or Retirees

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to be added to my exclusive small group of people who are thinking about moving here.  We can discuss what types of properties and areas of interest and some of the advantages of my services.  Note that the information stated below still applies.  Since every need is different or you may be out of province, its best to call and we can talk.