Trust their words

We can say anything, but only experience from our past clients may prove that ALLAN JAY Real Estate Services are valuable.



High level of Satisfaction

Due to our exceptional success rate of happy clients, we may only be able to provide services to a small select couples and individuals.  However, we do try to schedule and make time to help you with your requests, and if not, we have 2 other trusted agents who will care for your needs so please call ahead.

All of our 55+ clients are pleased with being able to purchase with such ease and comfort.  All love the fact we do not pressure you into any decision.  Many have the ability to purchase with available funds and our goal is that you have some leftover to enjoy the fun part of life.

We also can help those who may need financing.  Being pre approved is the most critical element of being able to purchase Real Estate.  Find out what is required and avoid wasting effort or unnecessary steps.  


Good to Know

You don't have to meet any age requirement in order to use our services for purchase of a home, we can help anyone even though we specialize in the 55+ age group.


Professional Conduct

We can only assist with individuals not locally working with a Realtor for the identical service.  If you are unsure about your scenario, let us know and in most cases it will not be an issue.  We uphold the highest standards and it is quite common for members or of board to cooperate, we are committed to you when you have made the choice of us.

buying a home with us

two ways to see  homes

We specialize in people who want to move to the Okanagan!  It doesn't matter if you live out of town, as I can send you access to our exclusive online selection of homes that fits your price range and area.  View on your own computer and many find this useful. When using this periodic service for 4-9 months, Buyers are informed and can make a comfortable decision when attending actual properties. Please CLICK HERE to sign up.  Fax or regular mail is also an option.  You will get a feel for what type of home you want.

ready to retire?


Everyone welcome

Funds available denotes no financing required, we do not accept physical money. Any deposit or purchase amounts are by certified bank draft payable to selected legal representative of choice.

For more info about Buying a home, or regarding the allan jay real estate 55 plus buy home program and buy a home in lake country including other areas, please call for details.